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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arrival in Churchill, Time to Get to Work

I arrived in Churchill on Saturday. On the train I met 4 other expedition teammates: Erika, a teacher from Southern California; Sergio, who works for Shell Oil as a computer guy; Michael, from Denmark who also works for Shell Oil; and Eunice, from Australia, who is a doctor taking a year off to do volunteer work around the world.

We have already formed a nice friendship. We toured the Eskimo museum and walked around town to visit the sites.

On Sunday, the entire team (14 people) was fitted for cold weather gear. We then drove out to the Northern Studies Centre. On the way, we saw the most beautiful, female grey wolf. We were told that it was not good for her to be as close to the road because it is hunting season and she could be shot since her pellet would sell for more than $1000.

Tonight, we had our 1st fulltime briefing. We met the entire team and Dr. Kershaw. He outlined all of our work for the next 10 days. The schedule sounds incredibly busy yet exciting. Tomorrow, breakfast starts at 6:30 am and then we meet for another briefing at 7:30. I volunteered for dishwashing detail for tomorrow so I need to have an early start. So, I will signoff for now.

To my students: I hope you continue to post to the comments sections (remember extra credit) or feel free to email me at school at greena@hlcs.org


At February 16, 2009 at 8:03 AM , Blogger jthastings said...

Hello Anne! Sounds like you're having a fabulous time so far!! It must be just beautiful up there! I'm really enjoying reading your blog each day.....stay safe.
Pam H.

At February 21, 2009 at 8:13 PM , Anonymous peter jackson said...

hey miss.Green this peter jackson. i just wanted to know, you said that you havent been getting the winds, but has the temerture been how us kids forcasted it. also is it just work up there or do you get some fun. actually dont answer that because your work is play.

At February 22, 2009 at 6:24 PM , Blogger Ms. Anne Green said...

Peter -
Unfortunately, the winds started on Saturday and it was brutal especially when we are working out in the tundra, where there are no trees to shelter us from the wind. The air temperatures have ranged between -8C to -28C. We have had some -30s at night but luckily we have not had to work in those although it does limit the amount of time one can spend looking for northern lights.

We had a day off on Friday. Some folks went to town to go dog sledding and shopping, others stayed at the field station and did laundry, writing, and relaxing. During the days we are out in the field we do not have much free time although we are now actively looking at northern lights at night.

The level of humor on our team is really high - sometimes I laugh so much I think that I am going to cry. We definately have some characters on our team, including our fearless leader - Crazy Kershaw.

At February 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM , Anonymous 5-A.G said...

1. The weather forecast in Churchill Manitoba will be really cold this week, their will be snow there is a 60% chance of precipitation. In the morning of Monday it will start at 11f to 13f. Tuesday 8f in the morning and goes to 13f at night.60% chance of precipitation and the same precipitation for Wednesday as well. Wednesday in the morning it will be really cool starting at -5f and drops at night to 10f.Thursday it starts at -11 and ends with a bang, with -2degrees really cold. Friday will be clear -9f and soon as the sun goes down it will be-7f .Saturday will a will be-21degrees with snow, Sunday will be-23degrees cloudy. Going into next week will be slightly warmer than usual, Monday should get up to -15degrees will be no sun, Tuesday will be -13degrees sunny with some clouds in the way .Wednesday it will be -16degrees their will be some sun out, Thursday will be -14degrees with sun, Friday it will be warm -10degrees with some clouds but their will be sun, well on Saturday it will be-11degrees might snow, Sunday it will be -8 degrees with sun at Churchill.

2. The climate of Churchill has really cold weather year round, but the summers are moderate. Winters are very cold. Churchill has 414mm of precipitation for the year, mainly in the spring and summer.

3. On your train ride from Winnipeg to Churchill the ecosystems that you will be passing will be the boreal forest ecosystem, the tundra ecosystem, and the Taiga Shield.
4. I suggest you to visit any gift shop which has a large collection of Inuit artifacts and I read you can buy some awesome souvenirs and books at the gift shop. There is this place it is called The York Factory it is a Historical site it is the old headquarters for the Hudson Bay Company. The building was built in 1831, This building is the oldest building in Canada this place is located on the permafrost. They say you can see the museum fur-trade exhibits and also special presentations of the history of their company. I recommend you to go there because you can learn more about the history of the region up there.

At February 23, 2009 at 11:51 AM , Anonymous 5-dk said...

1. Another name for the northern lights is aurora borealis.
2. The suns magnetic field throw throws charged particles from its atmosphere out into space. As these near the earth they pulled in by its magnetic field, which pulls then down to the magnetic poles.
3. Its southern counterpart, the aurora australis. Another is Dance of the Spirits. You can see them in the south.
4. Because different types of solar flare radiation traveling at different speeds hit the Earth's atmosphere thus projecting red, green, blue, and white.
5. It is so high up in the world.
6. Yes, but it is very rare.
7. Comet lulin.
8. A comet is a natural heavenly body made up of dust and gases.
9. Yes in Boston.
10. Northeast.

At February 23, 2009 at 12:57 PM , Anonymous thelostsole said...

1. The other name for the northern lights is aurora.
2. The cause of the northern lights is when the loose protons are caught by another atom light is made. The color of the lights depends on the type of gas or atoms involved.
3. The northern lights are also referred to as polar aurora. What makes them different is they can only be seen as if you were in the northern hemisphere roughly in the northern part of Canada.
4. What causes the different lights is when the oxygen makes a greenish glow. This color is the most common color of the northern lights
5. Church hill Manitoba is great to see the northern lights because it is in the lower northern region of Canada.
6. It is possible to see the northern lights in new york but it would rarely happen like once a blue moon



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